Shinobi Severed Ties

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Shinobi Severed Ties

A fan based game forged around the Naruto, Ninja, and shinobi life.  A time line set hundreds of years in the future of the naruto story line this game puts its own spin onto the life of a shinobi and the dangers that surround it.

Ever dreamed of being placed in your own naruto world? A World of Shinobi a world of heros, a world of infinite possibilities, a 2-d world where your actions depict how many things can change. Welcome to Shinobi Severed Ties. Join clans based on the Naruto Story line, or expand out and create your own. Role Playing is Encourage, fun is encouraged, and most of all a fun and friendly atmosphere.  This game cost nothing for you the player to play and only requires a few simple steps to experience.








 DISCLAIMER: The following is a fan based game.  Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and all based names, and items are property of their original owners. All Naruto related materials are copyrighted and belong to Masashi Kishimoto, VIZ, Shounen Jump and TV Tokyo.  Please support the official release.

NFF, NST, And Shinobi are all property of their respective owners, reguardless of the amount of hands that it has been passed through.

Byond is property of the byond staff and all of those who have worked on it.  Please support the official release.